We are an Argentine Company leader in the design and production of articles for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation or muscular and /or articular injuries.

Day by day, our people contribute their knowledge and enthusiasm to their daily work, which is: to bring down the limits of human movement. To do this, we produce articles of high quality that satisfy the demands of clients worldwide.
This wide range of products is classified into lines, according to the concrete benefits that each line offers the user.


We work to go beyond
the limits of human movement.


To be the most innovative company in the sector and to succeed in improving people´s quality of life through our scientific ideas and products.


These are based on the initiative, the responsibility and the commitment with the reality.


Our beliefs

We believe in people and in the strength of being part of a team. Therefore we bet on the training and the development of our people.

We believe that we exist thanks to our clients, and that we can only satisfy them by strengthening our bonds with our suppliers and distributors. They are not only our business associates in this business but they are also the main reason to continue.

We believe that there is only one way to do things; and that is to do them “well”. This means a constant commitment to the quality of our products and processes, and in the relationship with our consumers.

We believe that a company must work whit a social responsibility and under ethical mandates, measuring the impact of each of its actions in the community and in the environment.

Our History

At the beginning of the 90s, the brothers Juan Pablo, Paula and Gabriel Trujillo begin their familiar enterprise of innovative characteristics: to make and commercialize a line of products which would offer protection and treatment to the muscles and articulations, giving solutions, till the moment non existent, to everything inherent to human movement.

The beginnings were marked by the will, the passion and the openness of the founders and in turn, all this resulted in an excellent welcome on the part of clients and consumers. In 1999 the company is moved to its new premises, in Balbastro Street in the neighborhood of Boedo. This expansion of the productive plant permits to accelerate the innovation in products and services and to incorporate new human resources. At this rate, the Neoprene line is expanded and the Everyday line is launched. This last one has no antecedents in the market and is consolidated as an unbetter able option, oriented to the protection during a sport practice.

In the year 2002 the internationalization of business is begun, exporting to Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Working with a global vision becomes the main objective of the company.

A year later a new brand oriented to sports is conceived.
Podio is born.

During 2004 the board initiates a strategic change in the management of the company, beginning with a process of re-engineering and integral transformation of the company´s culture.

Sales and the participation of Bander Green in the market increase. The company decides to enlarge the infrastructure; as a result, the commercial, administrative and logistic offices are moved to a new building at 2570 Brasil Avenue.

With a vision to the future and oriented towards leadership, the image and the integral communication of the company is transformed. The launching of new lines is prepared with the clear objective of emblematic in the sector.

Nowadays, as in its origins, the permanent innovation, the differentiation through the quality of its products and the passion for the service constitute the main cornerstones of Bander Green, whose central challenge also remains in force: that of do away with the limits to the human movement..

Frequent Questions

The reducing tights are not differentiated by sex, but by size. Each size is determined by the contour of the waist. In this way every person can choose the appropriate tight for his or her body.

The wrist immobilizers, the short one as well as the long one, are universal. This is due to its exclusive design and to two pockets, one in the superior part and the other in the inferior part, where the metal stick can be placed according to the needs of the user.

The shoulder reinforcements are not interchangeable. Each comes either for left or right shoulder.

The ankle reinforcements, in their 3 types of variants (simple, steel bone and in eight), are for left foot as well as for right foot, for man and for woman. The design of the ankle reinforcements does not interfere in the utility or in the exchange, that is to say, they fulfill the same function in the left foot as in the right foot.

The HIGH ELASTICITY belts are lighter, and thus they are recommended for the postoperative period of abdominal, thorax and caesarean surgeries. The HIGH COMPRESSION belts, as their name indicate, give more compression and FIRMENESS in the fitting, therefore they are advisable for chronic lumbagos, rib fissures or ventral HERNIAS. Both have Velcro to regulate and fit them properly.